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For those starting up, re-training existing teams or needing help with
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Read a case study. Find out how the Klever Accelerator helped improve productivity by 300%
and also reduce costs by a huge 350%, all in the space of 3 months. Seriously.

"This (Klever) is what I have been lacking. The thoughtful, step by step information and usefulness of content has been exactly what I needed. In 3 weeks I have learned and done more than I have after 2 years struggling with this alone. I am finally making real progress."

Emily Dunn, Senior Learning & Development Consultant

"As a six-year KCS veteran, Klever is a breath of fresh air. Finally, a place where I can go to talk "shop" with other knowledge professionals, and get solutions to problems I am trying to solve within my organization."

Cordelia Naumann, Content Curator - Program Manager

"For all the companies who launch a new knowledge management program every 3 years, this approach will deliver results once and for all, and keep the success coming--even after 3 years."

John Ragsdale, VP Technology Research, TSIA

We believe every company can use
knowledge as a lever

Pitney Bowes
TSIA Expert Alliance
\’kle-ver\ A knowledge lever that empowers, enables, grows exponentially in value